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Build loyalty

(Summary description)Help poor families and unattended children provide previous medical services

Build loyalty

(Summary description)Help poor families and unattended children provide previous medical services


Recently, Comrade Tan Haibo, the chief examiner of the Laboratory of the People's Hospital of Bishan District, Chongqing, successfully completed the task of supporting the nucleic acid test of the new crown pneumonia virus in Beijing, and returned to Chongqing with the Chongqing aided Beijing inspection and medical team. During the 18-day battle, he and other team members have contributed greatly to improving the nucleic acid detection capabilities of the new coronavirus, meeting the testing needs of the public and patients in Beijing, and protecting the lives and health of the people!

Be in danger! Start the fight against the epidemic in Beijing

The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility! In mid-June, a local cluster of new coronary pneumonia epidemics occurred in Beijing. When the epidemic was still in its infancy, the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new type of coronavirus pneumonia was uniformly deployed. Tan Haibo, the chief inspector of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Bishan District People’s Hospital, Chongqing took the initiative Please fight, join the Chongqing Medical Assistance Beijing Inspection and Medical Team urgently formed by the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, and rush to Beijing on June 22 to undertake nucleic acid testing tasks.

The People’s Hospital of Bishan District in Chongqing attaches great importance to this, and the department where Dr. Tan Haibo works also strongly supports him and prepares accompanying supplies for him. Dean Zhu Tangqi repeatedly urged when seeing him off: “We must complete the tasks assigned by the state with quality and quantity! Pay attention to safety. Come back safely!” Due to the heavy task and tight schedule, it took less than 8 hours from receiving the task to departure. Tan Haibo didn’t even have time to meet with his parents, wife and children living in the main city of Chongqing. He only hurriedly said goodbye over the phone and embarked on the journey. , Went to Beijing.

Live up to the mission! Demonstrate the love and responsibility of Bi Yi people

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Tan Haibo has been fighting on the front line of nucleic acid testing, with rich clinical nucleic acid testing experience and a high sense of responsibility. The day after arriving in Beijing, the Chongqing Medical Team quickly completed the installation and commissioning of equipment and biosafety retraining, and entered a wartime state. With the strong support of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the integration of the new coronavirus nucleic acid testing laboratory was completed in just 36 hours, with a daily test volume of 14,000 people, making it the most powerful combat team for screening for new coronary pneumonia.

In addition to undertaking the task of nucleic acid testing, Tan Haibo also took the initiative to ask Ying to be the statistician of the new crown specimens of the Chongqing Medical Team. Facing the huge amount of specimens, to ensure absolutely zero errors, it must be said that it is also a "hard battle", but he is excellent Completed the tasks assigned to him by the party and the people, and interpreted the mission and responsibility of a tester with practical actions

return with glory! Successful completion of the medical aid mission to Beijing

On July 10, at the 147th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing, Vice President Yang Weixian of Fuwai Hospital expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chongqing-aided Beijing Inspection and Medical Team. He said: "The help of this team The detection capacity has been increased to 5,000 cases per day, and 24 hours a day continuous detection service has been realized. The time for emergency nucleic acid detection results has been compressed to within 3 hours, which has won precious time for active treatment!” The epidemic in Beijing was completed in just 18 days. It has been effectively controlled, and once again demonstrated to the world the strength of China that is united to overcome difficulties together!

On July 11, the Chongqing-aided Beijing Inspection and Medical Team successfully completed its mission and returned smoothly! Tan Haibo demonstrated his responsibility and glorious triumph in the fight against the epidemic! After the 14-day intensive recuperation, he immediately returned to his job and devoted himself to the new "battle".

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