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Reduce supply expenditure

Reduce supply expenditure

(Summary description)Saved millions of money for charity and health. Our common risk, single-source supply partnership with multiple health systems is achieving great results.

Reduce supply expenditure

(Summary description)Saved millions of money for charity and health.
Our common risk, single-source supply partnership with multiple health systems is achieving great results.


Recently, Yang Tianzhen, a famous agent who was in charge of Fan Bingbing, Zhang Yuqi and other celebrities, posted a video announcing that he would go for gastric surgery in a few days, causing concern.

Yesterday, she responded by posting on Weibo, saying: "I am not dissatisfied with my appearance. The appearance never affects my liking for myself. The main purpose of the operation is to treat the disease.

She revealed that she had been diabetic for six years and had complications and other diseases, but she couldn't satisfy the routines required for the treatment of chronic diseases, so she hoped to reduce blood sugar quickly through surgical treatment.

In the end, she said: "Everyone has different body constitutions and living conditions, and I make solutions according to my own situation. I need external forces to help me be healthy, and I don't praise everyone like me."

This news rushed to the top of the hot search, and many people who were eating melon were shocked.

what?! The stomach is cut not because of stomach cancer but for weight loss? !

Regardless of what happened in the end? Today, let’s uncover the secret of "stomach cutting"

I believe many people actually don’t know that gastric resection is actually a minimally invasive surgery. If you can’t lower your blood sugar through your own control and coordination, improving your eating habits, etc., or you can’t stick to it, you can indeed choose gastric surgery to control your blood sugar. Many people may think that gastric surgery is a big operation because they don’t understand it. Compared with the hazards of obesity, surgery to lose weight is more beneficial to health.

#How terrible is obesity?#

Obesity not only has the problem of appearance and figure, it is also a contributor to many diseases.

Obesity reduces life expectancy by 6—7 years, Among them, severe obesity ( BMI>40 kg/m2)reduces life expectancy for men by 20 years and women by 5 years.

At present, China has become the country with the largest number of obese people in the world, exceeding 100 million, of which about 12 million are severely obese.

Compared with other countries, the number of obese people is increasing rapidly, and it has become the number one problem in national health.

However, the public's understanding of "obesity is a disease" is still at a very early stage, with only 1% of obesity treated.

So far, in the treatment of obesity, especially for severe obesity, gastrointestinal weight loss surgery is a relatively important treatment.

Bariatric surgery can not only effectively reduce the weight of obese patients, but also can make the combined metabolic disorder syndromes, including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea syndrome, etc., be quickly relieved, and the disease will be stable in the later stage. .

At present, the two conventional surgical methods are all done under laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass: about one-tenth of the gastric volume left

It's equivalent to "overhead" the stomach

Principle: Change the structure of the intestine, close most of the stomach function, reduce the space of the stomach and the length of the small intestine

Cut a small part of the stomach at the upper end of the stomach, rebuild it into a small gastric pouch, and then connect it to the distal jejunum, so that most of the food will bypass most of the stomach, the duodenum and the first segment of the jejunum. Control food intake and absorption.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: about one-fifth left

Really cut off part of the stomach

Principle: Reduce gastric capacity and reduce the secretion of hormones that stimulate hunger

Following the direction of the greater curvature of the stomach, keep the antrum 2-6 cm above the pylorus, and remove most of the stomach and all the fundus along the long axis of the stomach to make the remaining stomach "banana-shaped".

Which patients can receive weight loss and metabolic surgery?

● Type 2 diabetes lasts for 15 years, and the pancreatic islets still have a certain insulin secretion function, and the fasting serum C-peptide level is 1/2 of the lower limit of the normal value;

● BMI≥27.5 kg/m2;

●When waist circumference is 90 cm for men and 85 cm for women, the recommended level of surgery can be increased as appropriate;

●Recommended age 16-65 years old;

●Patients with BMI between 25.0-27.4 kg/m2 need to carefully consider surgery;

●For the above criteria, the doctor also needs to consider the components of the patient's metabolic syndrome or the presence of apex syndrome, please consult your doctor in detail.

Special attention should be paid to "gastric cutting and weight loss" 

For the treatment of obesity, people who are generally overweight and obese should first consider controlling diet, physical exercise, or drug therapy. Only patients with ineffective and severe and morbid obesity can consider surgical treatment. .

Any operation is risky. After gastric surgery, you need to go to the hospital for review regularly, usually every three months. Due to the small amount of food consumed, there may be a risk of malnutrition. Generally, according to the examination, follow the doctor's advice and supplement vitamins with medicines in a timely manner.

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